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Corporate Headquarters – Marietta, Pennsylvania

Kevin G. BurkePresident and Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey D. MillerExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Cyril J. GreenyaSenior Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer
Francis J. Haefner, Jr.Senior Vice President, Commercial Lines Underwriting
Christina M. HoffmanSenior Vice President, Internal Audit
Jeffrey A. JacobsenSenior Vice President, Personal Lines Underwriting
Richard G. KelleySenior Vice President, Head of Field Operations
Robert R. Long, Jr.Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Sanjay PandeySenior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Robert G. ShenkSenior Vice President, Claims
Chester J. SzczepanskiSenior Vice President and Chief Actuary
V. Anthony ViozziSenior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Daniel J. WagnerSenior Vice President and Treasurer
William M. AndersonVice President, Marietta Marketing and Ohio Region
David B. BawelVice President, Financial Reporting and Analysis
W. Kevin CawleyVice President of Commercial Lines Underwriting
Michael A. ClementVice President, Information Services
Jason M. CrumblingVice President and Controller
Barbara A. DoyleVice President, Commercial Lines Systems Development
William A. FolmarVice President, Claims
David C. FrenchVice President, Research and Development
Karen L. GroffVice President and Assistant Treasurer
Kari A. JacobsonVice President, Quality Assurance - Personal Lines Underwriting
Theresa L. KeenerVice President, Commercial Lines Underwriting
David S. KrenkelVice President, Marketing and Advertising
George A. Ludwig, Jr.Vice President, Commercial Lines Underwriting
Jason A. McAfeeVice President, Research and Development
Robert F. McCaffertyVice President, Claims and Regional Claim Manager
Henry J. Narvaez, Jr.Vice President, Personal Lines Field Operations
Tomas C. RaciusVice President, Marketing and Advertising
Thomas D. RichardsVice President, Claims
Charles E. Smith, IIVice President, Human Resources
Robert A. Smith, Sr.Vice President, Commercial Lines Underwriting
Sheri O. SmithVice President and Secretary
David W. SponicVice President, Personal Lines Underwriting

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Southern Insurance Company of Virginia – Glen Allen, Virginia

James R. "Judge" ParkerSenior Vice President, Virginia Region

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Southern Insurance Company of Virginia – Duluth, Georgia

R. Vince BlackRegional Vice President, Southeast Region

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Atlantic States Insurance Company – Greenville, Ohio

William M. AndersonVice President, Marietta Marketing and Ohio Region
Ray Z. HaagVice President

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Le Mars Insurance Company – Le Mars, Iowa

Richard A. Mason, Jr.Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing and Sales, Le Mars and Sheboygan Falls Regions
Renae D. StrandVice President, Personal Lines Underwriting
Connie M. SudtelgteSecretary

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Sheboygan Falls Insurance Company – Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Lee F. WilcoxPresident
Janice L. TupperSenior Vice President and Branch Manager
Kenneth F. MaurerSecretary

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Michigan Insurance Company – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ermil L. AdamsonPresident
Andrew G. FischerVice President
Andrew C. HolmesVice President
Kerri R. McNeesVice President
Patrick H. RoeserVice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Melissa A. VeenstraVice President
Michelle A. ZimmermanVice President

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Southern Mutual Insurance Company - Athens, Georgia

W. Daniel DeLamaterPresident
Kimberly L. McClainVice President and Corporate Secretary
Michael R. SorrellsTreasurer

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Mountain States Commercial Insurance Company & Mountain States Indemnity Company - Albuquerque, New Mexico

William F. DavisPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Melba J. BaumVice President and Secretary
Sandra J. CallananVice President and Chief Actuary
William A. IrwinVice President and Chief Operating Officer
Julie A. NicolaysenVice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Stacey E. SchererVice President and Chief Legal Officer
Jeremy A. ThompsonVice President, Marketing

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